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The government's 'big society' becomes clear.

They make councils across the land make cuts to front line services making many unemployed and reducing the support to people in the community.

That means there are plenty of people with spare time on their hands to run those services for free as volunteers! Clever, huh? And we've saved LOADS of money!!

Tell you what, lets forget about that silly vote change too, shall we? I mean, you don't really want us to spend all that cash on overhauling our electoral system to make it more democratic? Of course you don't. KERCHING! More money saved in the bank.

And with all that money we save, we can pay for a high speed rail line that will get people to Birmingham FIFTEEN WHOLE MINUTES faster than they can do now! You heard me, FIFTEEN MINUTES. Amazing. And it will only cost £17.5 billion. Or possibly £30 billion.I am not sure, as it varies depending on what you read. But costs don't matter, right? It's REALLY IMPORTANT that people can get to Birmingham FIFTEEN MINUTES FASTER. It will make us £44 billion pounds, somehow. Probably because tickets will cost £200 at off-peak rate.

I despair. Would anyone like to annex a small county and declare independence? I am done with this unelected government pissing on my chips. How about somewhere in the Chilterns? I hear they are very pretty. Well, they are right now. Less so when there's a 17/30 billion train line running through it.
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