Aug. 24th, 2011

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Four years ago I visited [ profile] shackers in her new home for the first time. She's now been out there for 6 years and I've finally just about got the money together to go see her again. EXCITE!

As before, I will be detailing my adventures here on LJ. Photos will be going on Facebook though, because it's way easier to upload photos there and LJ has a habit of losing photos. I plan to keep the photos public, so even if you're not a facebook friend you should be able to see them.

Mum has already made a few plans, they involve wine, birds, birthday parties and MONKEYS! Those of you familiar with my previous trip know that I was very disappointed to see hardly any monkeys and didn't get any good photos at all. So I am especially excited about the MONKEYS! I hope to take a trip back to the Fairy Sanctuary as well. In real life of course, rather than just in the dream plains. If you want me to bring you back a fairy, or something fairy related, speak now!

If you want a postcard, please comment here and send me your address! Emmelinemay[at]gmailDOTcom.

I fly out at 2pm from Gatwick, which is not an airport I am familiar with. I'm not even sure how to get there! I stop over in Dubai at midnight and fly out of Dubai at 4am, so I have 4 hours to kill in Dubai airport at ridiculous oclock, which will be fun. I may take a blanket in my carry on...

I get into Cape Town just before midday on the Saturday, so will have been travelling for nearly 24 hours and will probably not have slept and will be theremore most likely VERY grumpy when [ profile] shackers and her housekeeper, Beauty, my sister from another mother, meet me at the airport.

Tips for surviving a long journey are most appreciated, and if anyone has any particular photo requests leave a comment. (Although for the record, [ profile] shewho, I will probably struggle for a photo of a baby monkey on a pig going backwards.)



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