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Knut 'senselessly murdered the carp', fishing them out, playing with them and then leaving the remains.

Ok, seriously guys. It's a BEAR. Bears eat fish. If a lion kills an antelope, it's not murder, it's nature. Murder is a human concept, and not even a universal one at that. Go back into (even recent) history, or deep enough into the uncharted jungles you'll find tribes who won't understand the concept.

Does that mean anyone that eats meat is a murder? Or are you just an accessory to murder? Is it only murder if you kill someone for fun? If you eat a hamburger for fun, does that count?

This news popped up my my friends list at the same moment that my colleagues and I were discussing Louis Theroux's 'African Hunting Holiday' documentary (avialable on IPlayer for 5 days). I've mixed opinions about Theroux, I think he asks very leading questions and enters situations with a strong bias. I've found some of his shows really fascinating and a bit scary, but others I feel he tries to make an issue out of something that should be a non-issue. I felt a similar way about the game hunting episode - but then, it did resonate with my thoughts lately about my moral choices, my food choices, and how I see the world.

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What do you think?

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You can read a related rant, including what I think about PETA, here
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Worst. Campaign. Ever.

Ok, So it's the Daily Mail. Hardly a shining light of unbiased reporting. But this particular Viva campaign has got me ranting.

Why is it that so few vegans also understand environmental issues?

On an LJ community I'm on for veganism, the ignorance of issues outside of 'hurting the baybee animals' is astounding. One person who asked for advice on where to buy leather-free shoes was told that PVC was a good alternative o_O

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