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I went to see TERROR! at the Southwark Playhouse tonight. I was composing my review for livejournal in my head as I cycled home. I googled to find a link to the show to use in the review and found this review which says pretty much everything (in some cases, almost word for word) I was going to say.

I will add a few more thoughts under here )
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Ice Skating, tonight at the Sobell Centre


Beginners only 6.45pm - 8.00 PM
cost: £3.70 for non members, £2.70 for members, includes skate hire.

I will be there. Sorry - something's come up and i can't go :(

Who else is coming then?

p.s. - it helps to bring a spare pair of socks!
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Ice Skating?

Please say if you are coming, if it's only me going i may wimp out and go home and sulk and finish unpacking.

It's very monday today. do not want.
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I have made a community, for Doing More Things In London.

Come and join me!

If anyone wants to help me moderate, that would be ace. I've done a bit of prettifying, but it's not really my forte. I'm much better at badgering and nagging ;)

So if you want to have some adventures in 2007, come and join me!!!

Tate slides, ice skating, roller derby, soap box races, museum trips, random photo-story trips, invisible theatre, giant london wide games of 'It', silent discos, night walks, bike rides, ANYTHING you can think of that might be fun that involves doing something in our city (or beyond, we're not trapped within the M25, although it sometimes feels that way...) ANYTHING at all!

[livejournal.com profile] domorethings

and pimp it to any interested parties.

Ta :)

I'll have been living here in london for 10 years, this year, and i'm shocked at how little of the city i've seen. Lets have some FUN!!
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Ok, so my birthday is a long way away, but i'd thought i'd put this out there to see if there was any interest.

[livejournal.com profile] dangermonkey has brought this to my attention.

The Dunwich Dynamo is a 200km night ride from London to the lost city of Dunwich on the Suffolk Coast.

The 2007 one is on the weekend of my 29th Birthday, 28th-29th July. The route is candle-lit :)

Would ANYONE out there be interested in doing this with me for my birthday? You'd have til July to plan/worry/buy a bike/fix your old bike etc.

[Poll #917603]
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Tonight, Sobell Leisure Centre.
Session starts at 6.45, i'll probably get there from work at about 6.15 - 6.30. It will cost you £3.70 if you haven't got an Aquaterra membership, £1.70 if you do, and skate hire is included.

I've called to check, Mondays are usually fairly quiet, we don't need to book and should have no problem getting in or getting skates.

So who's coming?


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