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What's the difference between an african elephant and an indian elephant?

One is like this and the other is like this.


Jul. 9th, 2009 09:42 am
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This article is bothering me for some reason.

A teenage girl has been convicted of murdering a 16-year-old boy who she had lured into a "honey trap".

From the the first sentence - "Shakilus Townsend would still be alive today if it had not been for a teenage temptress who toyed with his emotions and then betrayed him." through to the last - "Joseph now faces a life sentence and will have plenty of time to mull over the part she played in the death of an innocent boy." the article bothers me.

I can't put my finger on exactly what it is that is getting to me. There's something about the way the girl is presented in the piece, the language used, the way the victim is referred to by his first name throughout, and yet she is referred to by her surname.

What do you think?

Edit - One thing has just hit me. Hidden away at the bottom of the article is the comment "McLean and five other youths were also convicted of murder on Wednesday."

So ALL of the kids were convicted, but the girl involved is the one that gets the article. Because she's a girl. Are girls involved in murder more evil than boys involved in murder? Or is this girl's crime, in the writer's eyes, the 'betrayal' of a boy who (after seeing her for 6 weeks) wanted to make her his 'future wife'? Is that her crime? Not being a 'good future wife'?

The boys that actually BEAT THIS BOY TO DEATH get about 2 sentences in the whole article. They BEAT HIM TO DEATH and yet the true villain of the piece is this foolish girl?

Edit the second: I am not saying what she did was ok, or 'less evil' than the beating up. My issue is SPECIFICALLY with the language used to report this crime, which makes her 'womanly wiles' out to be a crime as horrific as sticking the knife in herself. I am unsurprised that the female commenters get it, and the male ones (with a few notable exceptions) don't.
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BNP removes 'rape myth' candidate

In a statement on the BNP website, the party said Mr Eriksen had "taken responsibility and unlike other politicians faced with similar circumstances has acted swiftly and honourably to resolve this matter".

"It was felt that no matter how much Nick Eriksen's blog comments, written back in 2005, had been distorted and taken out of the context of a blog which reflected our tough stance on all sorts of crime, they could still be perceived as trivialising the issue in a manner that many women in particular could have found extremely offensive."

It added: "Whilst this party remains committed to free speech it should be understood that with that freedom comes responsibility."

Not much of an apology, is it? My mental translation ran thus:

He said bad things, but the media made it seem worse that it is. It's sort of what we believe in anyway, really, which is why we let him write it back then, but the media have made such a fuss, he's going to stand down really quickly. We're going to point out that other MPs involved in media scandals don't stand down so quickly, to try to make ourselves look good.

Quite how the media can make someone saying 'only rape by a stranger counts as rape' seem worse, I don't know.
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So the former Mrs McCartney wanted the details of the divorce settlement kept private for her daughter's sake?

yeah, right.

Not that any of those comments will penetrate through and make her realise the problem lies with herself. That personality type will always seek to blame anyone else that fits, rather than look at themselves and go, "wow, everyone says this, maybe the problem DOES lie with me?".

That level of self reflection is denied to those so self absorbed they probably can't see their own reflection in a mirror.

I have to say - schadenfreude is strong with this one. I'm getting a perverse sense of enjoyment out of seeing her be so thoroughly put in her place, it almost makes me feel sorry for her. Almost.

In other news, I am horribly fascinated by the developments in the Shannon Matthews case - the man in custody is her step father's uncle, she was found hidden in a compartment under a divan bed where there were two sections to enable someone to sleep alongside her. She is voluntarily staying with child protection services rather than being returned to her mother, who has yet to see her other than through a two way mirror thing.

I'm so glad that poor girl has been found alive, but what on earth is going on? There seems to be more than meets the eye with the case. I hope the girl is getting the best care and support she can possibly have - it's all very odd indeed.
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Ok, so we all know what to expect, generally, from the readers of the Daily Mail.

But some of the comments on this article about Diz and other people held in Dubai are just mind boggling.

Sounds like they have got it right in Dubai.
- Chris Downing, Yorkshire


Sounds good to me - build more prisons and import these drug prevention controls here please. Many lives would be saved.
- Robert El-Cid., Hull, East Yorks


Good on these authorities for actually enforcing the law of the land, I have no pity for the suspects and criminals whom they have caught, some ignorant, some stupid and some simply brazen. It seems that suspect "profiling" is alive, well and working effectively in some parts of the world.

It's a shame that our own establishment is so weak by comparison.
- Perfectly Fair, Edinburgh, Scotland

Fucking idiots.

My favourite comment so far has to be:

I can understand a zero tolerance approach to substance abuse, but this is just anal. What do they expect someone to do with .003g of hash - get an ant high?
- Dave, England

The good thing is that word is getting out, which is bloody brilliant.

Let's just hope that Diz and the others held in similar circumstances can come home soon.
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But now I've read the continuing adventres of the 'busgate goths' my opinion is currently that they are fucking nutters.

Thank you, [livejournal.com profile] ninjagirl, for the links to their myspace pages

Oh dear.

I really hope it's all an elaborate joke...
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Goth who walks fiancee on a leash is banned by bus driver who told him: 'No dogs allowed'

The Daily Mail reports that, basically, goths are treated like weirdos because they dress weird.

This is one reason I don't miss dressing crazy on a day-today basis any more.

I have my grannie's voice in my head going 'she'll catch her death going out dressed like that in weather like this'

Oh, daily mail.

The comments are comedy gold.

What idiots! What do they do when they go to work? Dress the same? Or don't they work? They would never get past a first stage interview dressed like this.
- S, Leicester

He looks like a work-shy scrounger to me, get a job and pay your way.
- Harry Basset, Whitby

If he was a gentleman goth, he would loan her his coat.
- John, United Kingdom
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OUt of the batch of news storied emiled to us today, this is the one that caught my eye.

Only one in 250 girls takes enough exercise.

Fewer than three per cent of 11-year-old children are taking enough exercise at the time in their lives when they should be most active, a major research project on the inactivity of youth reports today.

Doctors point to a range of problems, from the sale of school playing fields to children being driven to school.

Do you want to know what *I* think is one of the problems?

Well, it's my journal, so i get to tell you anyway...

The problem with PE )
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THE Iraqi port city of Basra, already prey to a nasty turf war between rival militia factions, has now been gripped by a scary rumour – giant badgers are stalking the streets by night, eating humans.

The animals were allegedly released into the area by British forces.

you have to admit - it does look pretty vicious...

When I was in South Africa, Mum and Dave kept telling me that 'Honey Badgers' were the most vicious animal there was - lions will take a detour to avoid them! After my initial WOW I thought 'hang on...' and decided they must be taking advantage of my notorious gullibility, and making it up. I was CONVINCED it was a wind up. Mum kept telling me to look out for them, and I didn't bother, so sure was I that I was being wound up, and would be laughed at later.

Well, Honey Badgers do exist, and apparently, they are the new weapons of mass destruction...

The fact that something this small and this vicious with such s CUTE name makes me happy.!

text of article for posterity )


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