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Dec. 5th, 2007 04:08 pm
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I've been taking a lot of random pictures lately and failing to upload them.

So here you go...

Random Signs and things

My housemate has this in the bathroom cabinet. This amuses my childish brain.

I think that this furniture shop is perhaps over-reaching in this poster in its desire to make us think they may be better than a more famous furniture chain. I walk past this sign every time I go into Dalston, and it makes me want to hurt things.

Did you know that success comes in cans?. This was on the wall of the training room where I attended project management training the other week. Everyone else thought it was clever.

Lost art

Some pictures of the abandoned artwork I rescued on Saturday

in the kitchen, needing a clean
cleaned as much as I dared and installed on my mantelpiece

Big Bottomed Spider
warning. Pictures do actually show a spider, a real one, with a HUGE arse. Do not look if you are scared of spiders or huge arses. Don't blame me if you do look and then go WAAA I'M SCARED OF SPIDERS KRI KRI

I found this critter hanging out by my bike in the work garage. Compare it to the size of my bungee cord attached to the bike. That's quite a lot of booty for a spider, isn't it? The spider was hanging out there for two days - I took these on the second day, it didn't move an inch, not even when I (gently) poked it. It was gone on the third day though. here's a comparison with it next to my hand and an EXTREEEEEEME CLOSEUP.

Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip

Four rather grainy (my phone isn't good in dark places with artificial light) of the boys at a gig in Wimbledon.


Hanging with Dinosaurs

From the Natural History Museum yesterday:

Mark and a Camerasaurus
He's behind you...
Kitty Dinosaur
fun with mirrors

And finally - Sensory man and motor man. Sensory man is what a man would look like if he grew only according to the parts of the brain that control sensory, um, bits; and motor man is what he's look like if he grew according to the motor bits! Fascinating, huh? Check out the size of sensory man's tonker! More info from wiki.


I stuck some red bits into my hair for the weekend. I have since taken them out as I needed to wash my hair and was worried the dye would run.

red bits - just done, no makeup
red bits - made up for SH5

And two weird fuzzy pictures which I like anyway because they make me look like one of those freaky dolls with HUGE eyes: doll 1, doll 2

[1] I now have that 'perfection exceeder' song in my head.


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