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I have decided that red pandas are awesome.

There was one on my desk this morning, courtesy of the web master - apparently the red panda is the firefox - I'm known in the office for making anyone people with a problem with my site download firefox, as it works perfectly in firefox, and only ever breaks in IE.

I'm not sure why the webmaster has left a red panda/firefox on my desk, but it is very cute. I have taken a photo of it, and in doing so remembered how many random photos I have on my phone.

So here's one of my random photo posts:

have you seen my jugs? )
Odd sign spotted by a cash point near Boots in Dalston.I'm wondering if the person who has lost his big white jugs is the same person who lost this elephant, seen in the window of a launderette on Essex Road a few years ago.

fractal cabbage )
These have to be the prettiest vegetables ever. Sold in Shaheen's CostCutters on Stokey high road.

abandoned suitcase )
Apparently abandoned because the wheels are 'brok'.

firefox )
I think he looks rather bemused.

weird mist )
This mist was over Hackney Downs a few weeks ago - it was proper zombie mist, instead of appearing to recede the closer you got, it was actually solid, and we walked right up to the edge, right into it, through it and out the other side. Gutted I couldn't get a better picture, it was so strange. It was about 5 feet high , and there were little patches of it all over the downs.

Beautiful blue sky behind the London Eye and the Clock Tower )
Views like this make me glad to live in London.

jesus is your daddy )
Dude on the train had this record bag - I took a super sekrit stalker picture of it because I thought it was hilarious.

Oscar the Grouch cleans up Old Street )
Spotted Grumpy Of Shoreditch here when I was cycling home the other week. He's just near Old Street roundabout, as you turn towards Hackney or Shoreditch, between the recycling bins.

rock star vandalism )
Slash from Guns and Roses defaced this picture of Blondie which hangs in the basement studios at Virgin Radio.


Mar. 15th, 2007 10:02 am
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gerrrooof moi laaaaaaand )
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