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Is way more interesting than bbc 24. They just showed a cg diagram thingy which answered the question mum and i have been discussing all day - how come the first explosion was SO massive, and the second two so much smaller. They were just bangs; not house-shakey.

The gas depot site is in two halves, on either side of a road. The side that is 'sploded had one HUGE tank, and lots of smaller ones. The other side of the road has lots of small ones and three huge ones. The MASSIVE explosion was the BIG one on the one side blowing up; the second 'splosion was two smaller ones going.

The fire service are trying to keep the fire on that side of the road. I can only imagine what it would be like if the fire spead to the other side, and blew up the other massive tanks. eek.

They're also explained why so many people heard the sound so far away; something to do with high pressure, low clouds, soundwaves and the thames valley. i understood it at the time, but not well enough to re-iterate!

They reckon it will be burning for several days; it's simply not possible to put it out, it's too big; and they have to wait until the fuel has burnt itself out.

My cousin is in the Herts fire service; hope he's ok!


Dec. 11th, 2005 01:59 pm
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we just noticed the bathroom window has been blown open and cracked! It wasn't like that last night. It faces the blast area too. Luckily, it's the only window on that side of the house.

holy shit

Dec. 11th, 2005 08:00 am
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i just went outside to have a look - there is a HUGE column of black smoke clearly visible from the back garden (car park) .

half the sky is covered in black smoke.

We heard a rumbling and a MASSIVE boom, then the whole house shook violently - i thought the windows were going to break. I can't actually describe it - i thought it was an earthquake.


n.b. - i've not used the zoom on my camera. That's really what it looks like. Smells bad too. If it felt like that from here, i can't imagine what it felt like nearer to.

We're about 5 miles away.
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holy crap - i am at mum's - we were all just woken by a massive BOOM, then the windows shook violently for ages, and we could feel the floor shaking. We're all awake, lights are coming round all over, people are outside trying to find out what it was.

So weird.

Mum has put the kettle on, for a cup of tea.

edit: bbc 24 just said they've had reports of a massive explosion in hemel. It must havebeen enourmous to have us feel the shakes from here. (St Albans)

edit 2:
the first one shook the windows, the whole house, violently. as we were up and talking about it, we heard/felt two more much smaller ones.


If the shocks we felt were anything to go buy, i really REALLY hope there were no people near it. It must have been huge.

i'll go outside in a bit, see if i can see anything from here and take some pics.


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