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from Paul Raffaelli
to Emmeline May
date Sep 25, 2007 11:36 AM
subject RE: Breakfast - Master ENTRY

Great stuff this morning Emmelie. The listeners loved you.

Schadenfreude. Making the world a better place to be.


Sep. 25th, 2007 07:46 am
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i'll be on in about 5 mins, making a dick of myself.

just in case you want to listen.

be nice, i'm not well.

edit - well, that was horribly embarrassing. I did, in fact, make a right dick of myself. If you did hear it, it's worth mentioning that I still feel really quite rubbish, and thought I was going to pass out half way through.

Here for posterity are the full lyrics you never got to hear )

edit: Awww, people are texting in saying they like it. Is that you lot?

he just said 'we'll get her in to record it properly'. Now THAT would be exciting! If it happens, I'll wear my ricky tie...
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they phoned me.

I was in a meeting. They left a message on my phone, and told me what time they'll be calling me this week, to sing over the original track, live on air.

Part of me wants to tell you when, so you hear me on the radio. The other part wants to make sure that NO ONE I KNOW gets to hear it. EVER.

I emailed to point out that my version misses out 2 verses and a chorus, and asking them if they'd cut that bit out, or if they expected me to write new verses. I hope they don't, as that would make it rather long, but perhaps i should write more lyrics, just in case.

If anyone can help add in lyrics to this to be timed with this ) section of the original song:

I'd be very grateful. And possibly tell you when they're calling me.

Edit - thought - perhaps the missing verses can name some noted shops/restaurants in stokey. Any suggestions? I ought to try and get Testis in there somewhere...
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remember this?

They've emailed me and asked if i'll sing it on air.

No, i won't tell you when.
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I emailed it in.

If they do to me what they did to the bloke this morning, they'll phone me up and make me sing it down the phone.

Can you take back an email?
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Ok, so despite my rant of a few weeks ago about Alex Zane and the XFM Breakfast show, I am still listening to it, mainly because it's the only thing the radio in my room will play that doesn't make me want to smash it.

Also, I have to admit, he is getting funnier. A bit.

Anyway, One of the latest things running is inspired by We Are Teeside¹ - asking listeners to write a song for your part of london.

I thought I'd have a go (you can use an existing tune, luckily). Here is my effort. Before I embarrass myself thoroughly before emailing it in, please offer constructive criticism and ways to improve it.

We Love Stoke Newington )

1 - Which is COMPLETELY hilarious and you really should listen right to the end. The end is just amazing.


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