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Following a discussion about public information films over at [livejournal.com profile] 2wheelsbetter I went looking on you tube.

I remember this one!

There's loads more classic 70s and 80s Public information Films on you tube - including some classic Charley. Apparently, Kenny Everett provided the voice for Charley!

Which ones do you remember?

I remember 2 I can't find on you tube - one about kids playing with a frisbee near a power station, and another about flying a kite near power lines. I don't remember the grim reaper one about drowning in a quarry, but DAMN I want to see it!

edit - thank you [livejournal.com profile] yaruar! Dark and lonely water...

'Sensible children - I have no power over them'

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From a work colleague:

A machine made from Lego that builds Lego cars!! Built by German school kids aged 14-17. Don't you wish your technology lessons had been this awesome?

From the comments:

We have given them the ability to reproduce.
This is how the lego revolution begins.
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if you missed it.

this is the TRUE winner of the You're A Vision song contest.

My other favourites of the night:

France, Sweden and...the UK! )
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Eminem vs Benny Hill

I first heard this years ago, and recalled its existence the other day when [livejournal.com profile] iamthe_sky linked to this.

Both songs are absolute genius. I can't find them on the net as MP3s, which is a shame, as i hae decided mash-ups are the new black, and i want as many as i can find.

You got any good ones?

In other news, I've been drunk for over 24 hours. whoops. I'm either still drunk now and yet surprisingly lucid, or I've miraculously avoided a hangover.


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