Date: 2011-02-14 12:24 pm (UTC)
Excellent post! :D
Although I liked it because it summed me up for most of my life from the other perspective!

I've always been thin, but really thought that one day my life would improve if I could just be pretty and curvy and actually grow some breasts! I even made myself ill trying to eat more at one point!
It's sad that it's taken me getting to 30 to finally, if not to be happy, to be somewhat more resigned to just being myself. I'm still not going to head out without a slightly padded bra, even in the sweatiest of weathers, and I still hate wearing little, so swimming is a bit of a no-no!
I feel best when I've exercised, although it needs to be in a way I find enjoyable- climbing, snowboarding, cycling etc, so it's a case of toned rather than for thinness (which never changes).

I do think people can get too hung up on weight- I'm 5'3" and weigh 9stone, yet everyone else I know of my height and clothing size seem to weigh 7.5-8 stone! I think most People know within themselves if they're at a regular low maintenance comfortable weight for themselves, and it's such a shame that society has made them feel they should try to be someone else.

Whenever I used to see you at Whitby, you always looked fabulous. And in fact I spent some time wishing I could be more stylish, curvy, pretty and look like you! And I had no idea you were so short- I thought you were loads taller!

It's sad that I'm not the only one with body hang ups- but I never realised so many other People had them too to such an extent, and hid them so well!
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