Sep. 13th, 2007

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Ok, so despite my rant of a few weeks ago about Alex Zane and the XFM Breakfast show, I am still listening to it, mainly because it's the only thing the radio in my room will play that doesn't make me want to smash it.

Also, I have to admit, he is getting funnier. A bit.

Anyway, One of the latest things running is inspired by We Are Teeside¹ - asking listeners to write a song for your part of london.

I thought I'd have a go (you can use an existing tune, luckily). Here is my effort. Before I embarrass myself thoroughly before emailing it in, please offer constructive criticism and ways to improve it.

We Love Stoke Newington )

1 - Which is COMPLETELY hilarious and you really should listen right to the end. The end is just amazing.
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Slideshow of pictures of people's reaction to seeing goatse for the first time.

The above slideshow is totally SFW. goatse definitely isn't, in case you are new to the internet, and don't know what it is.
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I emailed it in.

If they do to me what they did to the bloke this morning, they'll phone me up and make me sing it down the phone.

Can you take back an email?
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OUt of the batch of news storied emiled to us today, this is the one that caught my eye.

Only one in 250 girls takes enough exercise.

Fewer than three per cent of 11-year-old children are taking enough exercise at the time in their lives when they should be most active, a major research project on the inactivity of youth reports today.

Doctors point to a range of problems, from the sale of school playing fields to children being driven to school.

Do you want to know what *I* think is one of the problems?

Well, it's my journal, so i get to tell you anyway...

The problem with PE )


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