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Thank you for all your lovely comments on my last post :)

I figured as a fair number of you asked how i did it i should put it up here.

First i curled it using a set of heated rollers (they were about 15ukp from Argos about a year ago), having coated my hair in one of those heat protection spray type things. Left the curlers on until they went cold, put a load of hairspray over the top (gentle hairspray, not aquanet, not yet...) and REALLY carefully took them out, roling them in the direction of the curl so the ringlets stayed.

The top two curls on each side of my head that would be the 'rolls' were the larger curlers, the rest were little ones. The top two were rolled up towards the top of my head, the same direction i'd be rolling them later, if you get me.

So i've got a bunch of curls at teh back of my head, and two huge upwards curls at the front. I got the little can of elnett hairspray, and rolled the top front curls tight around it, then when it was tight against my head i slipped a load of kirby grips into the rolls. then applied aquanet, and lots of it. The i slipped the can of elnett out, and bingo, they stayed and i almost died of shock.

i ruffled the curls at the back into little ringlets and then bunged some pink flowers just behind the rolls. I didn't get a photo where you can see these really though.

It survived the evening, but not being slept on!!!
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mainly of interest to [livejournal.com profile] angel_emma...but i had to take photos in case it all falls apart as soon as i leave the house!

I managed to make my hair DO something. This almost never happens. My hair doesn't ever want to DO things - that's one of the reasons i love extensions, they behave a lot better than real hair...

with the application of curlers and hairspray and hope...


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