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Thanks to the iPlayer, I discovered a series called 'Britain's Missing Top Model.'

Musings on things the programme brought up, about perfection, 'freak show' programming, and our perceptions of others... )

Apologies for typos and spelling mistakes, I will fix these later when I have a computer with a proper spellcheck and not LJ's own, which sucks.
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This URL was one of today's google ads:


I have no words.

On a (sort of) related subject - America's next top model. I've recently been re-watching cycle series 2, since I discovered I can watch youtube clips on my phone, they download faster than the internet, and I have unlimited access with my phone contract. This is, I think, the only series I haven't seen all the way through.

There's one girl, Shandi, who is utterly transformed after her makeover - from a slightly geeky frizzy-haired bespectacled shy (but still very pretty) girl to a barbie-like beauty. the before and after picture doesn't really show how different she looked, as the 'after' here was one of her worst pictures, and the 'before' was a really good picture. It really was amazing though. And yet, despite my post yesterday about size, and whether it should matter as long as we're healthy, I can't help but stare at her - she's just SO thin. There's an episode where they're practising their walks wrapped in sheets, and she's a 5'10" walking skeleton. If that's what we're to aspire to, I'm sorry, I'll take Princess Bea any day.

On shape, size and fashion. Look away now if you really don't want to know who wins series 10 of ANTM. )


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