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If you want to come and see me skate in a full on real life all action roller derby game on November 13th at Earls Court (yes! Earls Court!!) you have two options.

option 1 - buy online
click here:

option 2 - buy direct from me
This saves you a paypal fee, and you get a paper ticket, BUT you have to get me the cash BEFORE SUNDAY and you also have to meet me beforehand to pick up your ticket.

If you've not seen a game before, now is the time to do so as this will be my LAST GAME this year, I can't play in the December one due to a family wedding.

And also, roller derby is AWESOME.
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Hundreds of men, women and children, most in white with red scarves around their waists and red bandannas around their necks, gathered outside a French Quarter bar Saturday morning to be chased down Bourbon Street by members of New Orleans' roller derby league.

"The run, in its second year, featured 33 roller girls in horned helmets. A few minutes after the runners started, the skaters whacked their plastic bats on the street and took off. Behind them putted Elvis impersonators on motorized scooters.

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Note: It starts early, so there's PLENTY of time to get to SH5 afterwards!

Tickets aren't avilable yet, but will be very soon. I will have some to sell before they go on general sale - if you DEFINITELY want to come, let me know, and I'll get you one. I only have tickets to sell up until the 8th, after that, you'll have to buy it on the website.
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Roller Skating. I have a name, I'm joining up properly tonight hopefully, so I need to register a number too. I think I'd like my number to be eleventy. But how to write 'eleventy' as a number? Help me, LJ friends.

[Poll #1134573]

ION, my RSI is starting to bother me less and less, though a combination of resting my hand, workrave, and using the mouse with my left hand. I have a physio appointment tomorrow, and by then there'll probably be no pain at all, such is life.

And finally, like a story about a waterskiing squirrel at the end of the news, I give you Running the Numbers - An American Self-Portrait.
Artist and activist, Chris Jordan creates amazing images that portray America’s consumption. Chris’ hope is that his images will have a different effect than raw numbers alone. Since simple numbers no matter how large can be rather abstract it can be difficult to connect with ones impact. Whereas a visual representation of vast quantities can help make meaning of 106,000 aluminum cans, the number used in the US every thirty seconds or two million plastic beverage bottles, the number used in the US every five minutes.
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Look what arrived in the post!

it's vey hard to take a photo of your own feet.


I've just spent the last 5 minutes skating round the office. I'm a bit wobbly, but that's not bad considering i haven't have been on roller skates for YEARS. I'm already better at it than ice skating...

I think the only person NOT weirded out by my skating around the office was the director (the juggling one) who just said 'very retro. why aren't they inlines?'

It occurs to me that I need a roller skating icon.


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