Sep. 15th, 2011

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On Day 17 we got up as early as we could and headed off for an epic trip. I knew the basic plan - we would drive the long way round to Knysna, a pretty town on the Garden Route by the sea so that I could see some Ostriches. We'd stay overnight at the Knysna Terrace hotel where Mum (through a combination of Groupon and somenifty networking) had got an amazing deal on two rooms for two nights. The following day the plan was to go to Monkey Land and Birds of Eden, and then drive home the following day. Mum and Dave are pretty smart though, and had kept back some of their plans to surprise me!

Two Nights in Knysna Part 1 - Peace + Sex, Pink Port, Elephant cuddles, Ostrich massages, deep underground )

See all the photos from the first day here
emmelinemay: (Pirate ENJOY!)
Day 18, our first morning in Knysna, dawned bright and sunny with very little cloud, perfect for Monkey spotting and bird watching! Knysna is a beautful seaside town on the garden route, and I really liked it. I kept berating Mum and Dave for not moving here instead of Swellendam! I think it would be hard to make a go of a B&B here though, the tourist trade is a lot more established and there's a lot more competition. It's really pretty though, and I love anywhere by the sea, having spent my childhood in coastal towns before moving nearer london for secondary school. I think if I was to move to South Africa though, it would have be somewhere around here!

Two Nights in Knysna Part 2 - Close encounters of a monkey kind, birds in endor, 101 things to do with a powerstation, I Don't Spy and I am the Dassie Whisperer )

See all the photos from the two nights in Knysna here and here!


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