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Gig Pig Gig 5 )

Today, I plan to have a well deserved day of doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

All photos from my week of being a gig pig are here.

I've had the BEST WEEK EVER, and I'm so sad it's all over. I'll just have to find a new adventure!
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Gig Pig Gig 4 and the morning after - with pictures from the gig and the XFM studio )

The gallery has been updated, and pictures are also over at my facebook.

Tonight is Hot Chip back at the XFM studio - I LOVE Hot Chip, but haven't seen them live before so I'm very excited about it - and a tiny session gig too, which is awesome. I'm glad we're going back to the studio too, even if it isn't to actually be on air. I'm really going to miss going in there every day.
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I’ve just had the craziest week,
Like a party bag of lies, booze and then deceit.
And I don’t know why I want to voice this out loud,
It’s therapeutic somehow.

Gig Pig Gig 3, and the Morning After. With Pictures from the VIP area and XFM studio featuring Alex Zane, Marzipan Pigs, Drunken Emmies, The Wombats, The Macabees and more )

Tonight was meant to be Vampire Weekend, which I was really looking forward to, as although i haven't heard their stuff, the band sound fascinating. However, that has fallen through. BUT instead, we're headed to The Wombats (yay!) at FOP records. I ♥ The Wombats, so this is ace. Hopefully I'll be able to get Murph to leave a broadcastable message this evening.

gallery has been updated with all the pics and they're over on my facebook too.

Two gigs to go, one radio appearance. It's flying by, and I'm loving EVERY MINUTE. I wish I could do something like this a a real job - it feels so natural and I love it so much. It's never been so easy to get up in the morning!
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Proper report later, but here's last night in brief:

-boo Brian very late again

♥YAY Bands great - especially Wombats, Maccabees, Air Traffic and The Twang

-boo drinks very expensive

♥YAY some bloke spilt my drink while I was talking to Pete Donaldson so he got me 2 to replace it

-boo Enemy won. Wombats and/or Air Traffic were robbed!

♥YAY Got the singer of the wombats to leave a message for Alex. He ran off with my phone into a VIP bit, and looked like he was rather cross. Found Alex later and said 'Wombats may have left a rather abusive message for you' to which he replied 'excellent'.

♥YAY blagged a VIP pass! Free drinks!! Famous people!!

-boo It wasn't AAA, so we couldn't reach the bit where Paul Smith from Maxiimo Park was hanging out

♥YAY he walked past me twice and brushed my arm!

-boo I lost Brian. He vanished without trace for an hour, then texted me to say he'd lost his wristband and was trying to get home! Don't know why he didn't just call me to come get him another one! I got a text from him just now - he only just made it home O_O he said 'my own fault, got way too drunk'. He isn't going to make it to the studio today. This could be interesting...

♥got chatting to loads of awesome people including a photographer called Helen who kept me sane and entertained for the last few hours, Felix from the Maccabees and a band called Hot Rocket(?)

-boo am feeling rather the worse for wear after a long and cold x2nightbus journey home. Why isn't there a more direct route back from Camden, dammit!? I got to bed at about 2.30, could hardly sleep for being so wired, am still so wired I can't eat. This is all going to come crashing down on Saturday when I stop running on adrenalin...

More later, including some photos from VIP land!

If you want to listen today, I'm on air at about 9.30am, XFM 104.0fm or listen online at http://www.xfm.co.uk

What are your boos and YAYs?
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Gig Pig Gig 2, and the Morning After )

I've updated my gallery with some rather good pics of The Kills, my drinks, and one photo of PORN (which is probably NSFW - it's the last picture in the set, so you've been warned), and the photos are also on my facebook.

oh god

Jan. 15th, 2008 03:06 pm
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] angel_emma I am listening to a stream of the Breakfast Show. You can't fast forward it, so I've had to listen to it all morning to get the bit where I'm on (we're on right at the end of the show, half 9)

Do I really sound like that? Where did this 'I'm a posh bird with a slight london accent' voice come from???? Seriously, is that my voice?¹

It's not that embarrassing, really, is it, though? I laughed at the bit where Alex Zane says he's in love with me because of my predator tattoo.

Hopefully I'm not going to get over-confident now and make a total twit of myself over the next few days...

They still haven't brought up that whole we love stoke newington thing yet, thank goodness.

[1] I quite like it though
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So, my mum would like to listen to my radio appearances this week, and can't access the XFM player from South Africa.

Seeing as you can listen to earlier broadcast shows from the site, I'm assuming that somehow there must be a technology for recording bits of this show somehow?

I can't do it, as I'm at work pretty much every hour I'm not either gig-pigging or asleep.

Does anyone know if this is possible? If so, can you do it? If you can, I will owe you many beer, and endless gratitude!!

It would also be quite nice to keep the shows, just for my memories :)
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Gig Pig Gig 1, and the Morning After )

Photos here! (photos are also on my facebook!)

For those that missed it, apparently you can listen to previously broadcast shows over at www.xfm.co.uk
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I have to be at the roundhouse at 6pm tonight (line manager has okay-ed me leaving early as I need a shower and to do make up and hair - I got up, dressed and out of the house in 10 minutes this morning and do NOT look my best...) for the Brits 2008 Launch Party. I don't get a spare ticket for it, so it's just me and the other chap, Brian. I need to call him in a bit to arrange meeting up.

I have a phone number to call to leave a voicemail tonight whilst at the gig, and I have to be at the XFM studio (it's just occurred to me I have no idea where that is) for 9.15 tomorrow, so that's when you need to listen, should you wish to listen to me making a twat of myself AGAIN on XFM.

My history of making a twat of myself on XFM is:

1 - Lauren Laverne's breakfast show. I win tickets to see The Feeling on Indie Band Bingo by knowing that MMM Bop was recorded by Hanson. I got a question about Oasis and one about Snow Patrol wrong.

2 - Marsha (?). I win the new Maximo Park album by telling the radio listeners about my 9 hour stint at the barriers at the Reading Festival - no food, no water, no going to the toilet, just so I could be at the front for Maximo Park. It was bloody worth it too.

3 - this.

Can I embarrass myself EVEN FURTHER? You'll have to listen to find out...
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My LiveJournal may be a little more interesting than usual this week, due to an event this morning which has still not quite sunk in yet.

A chain of events involving a mislaid bike bag and waterproof trousers being at the wrong house led to me getting the train to work today, which meant I was listening to the radio on my phone while standing at Dalston Kingsland station, when it was announced that the female gig pig for XFM this week had dropped out, and so if any girls were listening, and could be the gig pig for a week, could they call the studio.

Ah, why not? I thought. So I called. And got straight through. This was lucky, as the battery on my phone was totally empty, and bleeping at me. My luck held - and they put me straight on air and announced me as their female gig pig for the week!

The gig pig competition, for those of you not listening to XFM (104.9fm) works thus:

There are two gig pigs, one male one female (this is a new thing, not sure how that will work!)
The gig pigs go to a different gig every night of the week, and go into the studio the following morning, hangovers and all, and review the gig. They are then told what the next gig will be.

The told us while I was on air what gig we are going to tonight...

The Brits 2008 Launch Party!!

Once I was off the phone, to preserve my battery, reality hit me. A gig every night? I'm going to be KNACKERED. Not to mention having to be in the XFM studio every morning to review the gig - I had no idea if my boss and/or line manager will be ok with it, and I only have 4 days of annual leave left til April. Still, that's all just details.

I spent the rest of the journey to work shaking with nervous excitement and texting OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG to the people I knew would most likely be listening to XFM, or know what 'the gig pig' is.

I am still shaking! SOOOOO excited!! They are calling me back in an hour with the details, now my phone is plugged in and charging, so I'll know more later - what times I need to be where, how it all works, and, most importantly, do I get a *pair* of tickets to each event.

I am determined to make this week one to remember, and shall attempt *not* to get too drunk, to meet as many celebrities as I can and photograph them, to NOT embarrass myself too much, and just to have the best time, and make the most of it!

It's quite indicative of my internet obsession, really, that when something like this happens, I am mentally composing my LJ entry about it in my head. Rest assured I shall be documenting this week fully right here!



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