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THE Iraqi port city of Basra, already prey to a nasty turf war between rival militia factions, has now been gripped by a scary rumour – giant badgers are stalking the streets by night, eating humans.

The animals were allegedly released into the area by British forces.

you have to admit - it does look pretty vicious...

When I was in South Africa, Mum and Dave kept telling me that 'Honey Badgers' were the most vicious animal there was - lions will take a detour to avoid them! After my initial WOW I thought 'hang on...' and decided they must be taking advantage of my notorious gullibility, and making it up. I was CONVINCED it was a wind up. Mum kept telling me to look out for them, and I didn't bother, so sure was I that I was being wound up, and would be laughed at later.

Well, Honey Badgers do exist, and apparently, they are the new weapons of mass destruction...

The fact that something this small and this vicious with such s CUTE name makes me happy.!

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My plane took off from Cape Town at 8pm GMT+1 and landed 7am GMT in London, Heathrow. I shed a few tears as I left, as I've had such an amazing time, and I miss [livejournal.com profile] shackers terribly - even more so now I've seen the beautiful country she calls home.

I sat next to 'Overly Friendly Elderly With No Sense Of Where His Elbows Are' Man but i still managed to get some sleep and see 'Night At The Museum' which I thought wasn't quite as dire as I'd been led to believe - but that was possibly because I was expecting it to be dire...Ricky Gervais made me laugh in it, and that's a first.

So, the photos are finally up, and i can finish the updates of my adventures with my final day in Swellendam, a day in Simons Town, and my last day in South Africa in Cape Town.

big dogs, a perfect farm and being a gooner having benefits; a very famous dog and penguins on the beach; learning more about apartheid, a storm closes a mountain and waving good-bye )

full photo gallery
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I haven't uploaded yesterday's photos - there aren't that many, mainly pictures of animals from Little Feat Farm. I shall have to do it when i get back to the UK, as we're leaving for Cape Town in about 5 minutes, and tomorrow at 8pm i fly back to the UK.

I've had an amazing time, and still haven't done all there is to do and so will be saving up to come back next year. Some of you should come with me!

I have missed you lot though. It feels like I've been away forever, and yet at the same time it's gone by so fast.

I get back into the UK at 6.30 Wednesday morning. it had bloody well better still be sunny when i get back!!
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Today's my last day at Impangele in Swellendam - tomorrow we head off to Cape Town for the night, and i fly home Tuesday night. As you can probably gather, I've had an amazing time here, and fit so much in. We're hoping to cram as much in today too - once the day is over I'll upload the photos and do a proper update. So far we;ve been back to the Fairy Sanctuary, with my money this time, so i could 'adopt' my goth fairy (I've been told she's a party fairy, the fairy that likes to go round and make everyone else do fun things. And Minky told me she looked like me, and that 'fairies always know their mummy when they visit us. Ok.) I also bought a present for [livejournal.com profile] alabastamasta and [livejournal.com profile] angel_emma, so there's something for them to look forward to...

[livejournal.com profile] peacockpunk charged me to buy him the nastiest, most awful tacky fairy I possibly could, for the cheapest price. All the truly dreadful ones were pretty expensive, but mum and I found one that could be said to be pretty DAMN awful for the equivalent of about 70p. I'm sure he'll treasure it.

Proper update and photos of today later - but for now here are some pictures of me quad biking... )
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About a 10 minute amble from Impangele is a 'fairy sanctuary'. It's bordered by high tangled bushes and the entrance is a highly mysterious looking woven branch gate, and lots of rainbow signs advertising the sanctuary, and promising crystal healing.

Mum and Dave have been here over a year, have got the place advertised on their website, but have never actually been - fearing a whole world of twee.

I, personally, really wanted to go - in deference to the small child i used to be who was OBSESSED with all things unicorn, dragon, winged, fluttery, pink and/or sparkly and so on.

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So, yesterday i went quad biking.

not dying )


Apr. 19th, 2007 07:58 pm
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Today we went to the bottom of Africa; the southernmost tip where the oceans meet.

This is me, standing between the Indian and the Atlantic oceans.

journey to the bottom of Africa )
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but i haven't time to write them up!

The gallery has been updated with photos from yesterday, and photos of the B&B i took this morning, but i have yet to put them in the right order and annotate them.

Yesterday we went to Montague, got some incredible dried fruit, swam in beautiful hot mountain spring waters, went thought a hole in the mountain, saw some dassies and some baboons, and i went out with mum's friend's daughter Amy and her friends, and tried a variety of weird drinks and found out about drink driving in South Africa. I will update properly with photos and explanations later!!

Today we are driving to the bottom of Africa, where the oceans meet, and tomorrow i am going quad biking!

Hope you are all enjoying the sun, i hear it's lovely over there at the moment! I'm hoping that arriving back to sunshine will make having to come home less depressing...
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I'm finally catching up with myself, as I've reached yesterday!

Beauty's baby, Swellendam 'beach', god's little folk, and i go pony riding )

So now we're up to date! More soon!

full gallery here
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Feeling well rested after sleeping in, the plan for the day is to head over to the other side of the mountain to go to Warmwaterberg - hot springs!

We head over the mountain via Tradouw Pass - Tradouw is a Khoi'san word the 'women's pass'. The pass was built in the 19th century, and you get the most incredible views of the mountains and the valleys. There are stop of points along the road with some of the most impressive views.

Mountain views, a very strange hotel with a very naughty chair, hot springs and looking younger than i am )

full gallery is here
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Mum and I had a whole day to kill in Port Elizabeth, the transport from Amakhala arriving there at 12, and our bus not due to depart until 7pm. Enter Malcolm, the transport driver, and possibly the friendliest man in the world - although I have to say pretty much everyone I've met so far has been so friendly, it honestly puts London to shame.

Malcolm is quite happy to drop us at the beach for a few hours, point out the nice places to hang about, and pick us up again at 4 and take us back tot he guest house he and his wife run so we can meet her, and rest in one of their suites until 6, and then Malcolm will drive us to the Spar for food for the journey, and then to the bus station. And he'll take not a penny for it!

the afternoon in Port Elizabeth, the story of the Worst Meal Ever, The Coral Tree and the Journey home )

So we're almost up to date - Yesterday we crossed the mountains, swan in hot springs and saw a weird hotel, and today i went pony riding. Yes, me, on a horse.

I will update about yesterday and today as soon as i can, but mum and dave have just had a booking for the cottage and need the computer, and we are off to the pub to watch South Africa beat England in the Cricket and hopefully have some chips.

full photo gallery so far
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The game drive this morning starts at 6am, so we have our alarm call at half 5. I can't quite believe I'm getting up at half five while on holiday.

looking for cheetahs, a giraffe in the sunrise, baby zebras and a very brave Jackal )

I cannot possibly do Amakhala justice in describing how wonderful it is - if any of you ever have the time and the money, go! Start saving now! It's 100% totally worth it, and the experience of a lifetime.

full photo gallery so far
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So off we set for the afternoon game drive in Amakhala - the plan is to try and find the lions again, hoping to see the whole family, go on a boat trip to maybe see some rare birds, and perhaps the buffalo.

It started so well...

lions, boats, buffalo, and the true meaning of an 'African Roadblock' and how a succession of unexpected elephants made us late for dinner )

full photo gallery so far
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We set off at 7am to drive to Addo Elephant Park. The drive took about an hour, and it was absolutely FREEZING. We were all wrapped up with all of our clothes, blankets, and hot water bottles. By the time we got there, the sun had properly come up, and we had to remove almost all of our clothes, as we were boiling! It's autumn/winter here at the moment. When the sun is up here, it's HOT. as soon as it goes, boom - it's freezing!

While waiting for the jeep, i point out that i still haven't seen a single monkey. Kulani points out where the trees are moving in a certain way, that means there are monkeys in there. This doesn't mollify me whatsoever - evidence of monkeys isn't actually monkeys, in my opinion.

We arrived at about half 8, and had a picnic breakfast, where i fist discover mum's favourite cereal - Jungle Crunch. I am now obsessed with it and want to bring back loads. It will most likely put me over my luggage weight limit...

Breakfast done with, we head into the park, passing a sign warning us that 'Dung beetles have right of way' and that we must not drive over them, or over any elephant dung.

looking for elephants, and proof that they can hide behind trees )

full photo gallery so far
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So as soon as we've lunched and before we've barely had a chance to look round the stunning lodge rooms, we head off for our first game drive.

lions, elephants, giraffes, rhinos and more... )

the full photo gallery so far...
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So I have been back from safari for a day, but have SO much to say and so many photos, i've been putting it off!

The update is going to be in bits to try and get it straight, and for my memory's sake, and also because each day is going to be tl;dr even with breaking it all up!

I am currently waiting for my 275 photos (i deleted about 50 that were fuzzy or crap or just horriby unflattering) so i can illustrate my entries!

a baby, ignoring allergies, a nearly missed bus, beware the giggle-loop, sleep-opera-singing, a rude bookshop, arriving at Amakhala, )

the full photo gallery so far...

I'm Here!!

Apr. 11th, 2007 03:56 pm
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Here I am, Chez [livejournal.com profile] shackers

The flight was textbook perfect, left on time, hardly any turbluence, arrived on time, and i even got my vegan meal. Watched Casino Royal - and remembered why i don't really like James Bond films- i NEVER understand the plot. I'll have to get one of you to explain it to me at some point. I was alright with the whole poker game thing, but the stuff after that with the girl just confused me!

I do not understand Rand very well, but so far Dave has had a pint of beer for 70p and i bought a pink shirt with skulls and crossbones on it for about £2.

I haven't taken many photos yet as the plane got in at 8am and i'm still a bit whaaaa?? as i can't really sleep on planes!

It was really sunny in Cape Town, but now we're in Swellendam it's a bit overcast. Boo.

Have seen some ostriches, but no monkeys or horrible insects yet.

Mum and Dave have done WONDERS with the place - when they first showed me the photos of the house they intended to buy i was like WTF? are you INSANE? But it looks really gorgeous. I'll take some photos soon! The garden is also lovely - but will be much better when they've built a plunge pool ;)

Renovations have ceased at the mo as they've not had many bookings in and as such have no money - if you know ANYONE coming to south africa, or who could be pursueded to come, reccomend Impangele please!!

Going to safari tomorrow, by bus! It's about a 7 hour overnight bus ride!! o_O


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